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The Anxiety Relief Solution

The 12-Week Program for Women Who Want to Ditch Feeling Chronically Anxious So They Can Break Free From Paralyzing Overthinking and Begin Feeling Calm, Confident And In Control.

Hello Warm Wonderful Woman!

You're a compassionate, caring mother and/or professional. You have big goals and you enjoy connection with others You're happiest when you're doing things with those you love.

But, lately (or maybe longer)
  • You're struggling to feel like yourself and feel overwhelmed because anxiety is rearing its ugly head.

  • Your mind has been spiraling, you feel stuck in your head and have a hard time completing tasks.

  • You find yourself procrastinating because your anxious thoughts make it hard to make decisions.

  • You find yourself canceling every plan because you're afraid about anxiety coming up if you go out in public.

  • You're filled with dread and constantly imagine the worst-case scenario.

  • Nothing you do seems to make any difference - You're worried that you'll never be able to get rid of this paralyzing feeling.


If you're being honest with yourself

It feels like you're stuck in an endless hamster wheel of paralyzing thoughts and no amount of medication, talk-therapy or affirmations can make a dent in it.

And if something doesn't change?

You worry you'll be stuck in this state forever!


  • What could ditch the chronic anxious thoughts and could go anywhere and know you would be ok.

  • What were able to feel present in your life and comfortable hanging out with others.

  • What could finally start making plans again and fill your calendar with things you love to do.

  • What could feel “chill” no matter what you were dealing with.

  • What could show up as a mom or at work feeling calm & confident.

...without having to rely on a pill or ending your social life forever?


  • Anxiety is confusing & complicated and everyone has an opinion about how to "fix" it. Every day there is a pill or a 'perfect' solution on social media, and you feel overwhelmed as to who to trust...

  • You're already doing ALL.THE.THINGS; medication, talk therapy, meditation and self-caring until the cows come home

  • Sadly, the state of our world is only adding to the anxiety that you feel...

  • Conventional methods do not address the deeper causes of anxiety - the subconscious source of it all...


Eventually, a lot of women just give up and accept that they just have to live with their chronic anxious thoughts.

That's just WHO THEY ARE...I mean, who could blame them?
When you've tried everything and nothing is working.

It's so easy to just give up.

MindShift Potentials 2-01.jpg

I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be like this.
There is another way


Hi, I'm Susannah

I'm Susannah and I understand what it's like for someone who has chronic anxious thoughts. I've been in the trenches with my daughter who was battling chronic anxiety after a series of traumatic events.
I tried everything to help her - medication, therapy, TMS, homeopathic, flower essences, visualization...but nothing was making a significant difference.

And then like a bolt from the blue, I stumbled upon a hypnotist who specialized in Anxiety and thought, OMG maybe this could help her! After a number of sessions, my daughter experienced a breakthrough like never before. When she said, "This was more helpful than all of the therapy I've done!" I knew I had to dive into this world myself to continue to be able to help her and others like her.


Now, certified as a Master Hypnotist, I've developed my signature program, The Anxiety Relief Solution, designed specifically to help women over 30 ditch anxiety so they can stop the paralyzing thoughts, the negative self- talk, the catastrophizing - and live life feeling calm, confident and in control.


If you're ready for anxiety to stop running your life

I'm here to help.

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The Anxiety Relief Solution

A 12 Week Program For Women Who Want to Ditch Feeling Chronically Anxious So They Can Break Free From Paralyzing Overthinking And Begin Feeling Calm, Confident And In Control.

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When it comes to dealing with anxiety, we often turn to the usual suspects: medication and talk therapy. While undeniably valuable, what if you've tried them and you're still feeling stuck in that anxious loop? Pouring your heart out to a therapist feels good in the moment, but let's face it -

that relief can sometimes feel short-lived.

Picture a solution that goes straight to the root of your anxiety. Enter The Anxiety Relief Solution! With this innovative 6-phase approach, we leverage advanced hypnosis techniques to go to the source of your anxiety and create a new blueprint for your mind.
Plus, we have effective tools that help you stop anxiety in its tracks, in-the-moment so you can finally reclaim that 
calm, confident and in-control version of yourself.

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  • I've spent years searching for effective solutions for my daughter for her anxiety and have learned

       what works and what doesn't

  • I'm 100% results driven - I am deeply committed to your transformation

  • I'll help you uncover Everything you need to know and help you re-write your story so you can feel

       calm, confident and in control.

  • I care deeply for you, your struggle and seeing you succeed

  • I'm a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, accredited by the National Guild of Hypnotists

  • I'm a Certified Master Hypnotist, accredited by the 5PATH® International Association of Hypnotists

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When you enroll in The Anxiety Relief Solution, we'll begin with the first of six personalized hypnosis sessions, designed to make your anxiety a thing of the past.

Ready  to  get   started?

The Anxiety Relief Solution

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I'll also teach you self-hypnosis so you can continue your healing work between sessions. In between our meetings, you'll be learning tools you can easily use to STOP anxiety in-its-tracks, in-the-moment, as well as experimenting with self-care techniques that make you feel grounded and calm.

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6 Tailored Hypnosis Sessions Designed To Give You Anxiety Relief. You'll finally discover the root causes that are keeping you stuck in anxiety. Unlike conventional "positive thinking" or visualization methods, I use a revolutionary hypnosis method to help neutralize the sources triggering your anxiety. We'll put a stop to that incessant negative self-talk, the fear of the unknown, the paralyzing indecision and create a new blueprint for lasting relief, confidence and calm.

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Tools For Self-Hypnosis so you can continue your healing between sessions, aiding in your self-awareness and relieving old patterns from the past.
5 Course Modules To Guide You On Your Journey, featuring a holistic approach to anxiety management. I've created a powerful framework, The Anxiety Relief Solution, that will give you the tools and strategies needed to reclaim control and find lasting relief from chronic anxious thoughts.

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Module 1: The Anatomy of Anxiety

We dive deep into understanding anxiety and how it affects you. Knowledge is power. Understanding anxiety and identifying how it shows up in your life is the first step towards taking control and managing it better in your daily life.

Module 2: Demystifying Hypnosis

We'll unravel the mysteries surrounding hypnosis and uncover its transformative potential. I'll show you how hypnosis works to empower you to tap into your subconscious mind for profound change, even for anxiety!

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Module 3: Empowerment Pathways - the 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Pathway to Freedom

You'll learn about 7th Path Self-Hypnosis which is like an anti-virus software for the mind, removing outdated programming and leaving you feeling calm, confident and in control. This is a tool you'll have for the rest of your life!

Module 4: Emergency Relief Kit - Strategies for Instant Anxiety Relief

I'll guide you through effective quick techniques proven to halt anxiety in its tracks so you can intercept anxious thoughts, overthinking, meltdowns and negative self-talk. These tools are a secret weapon to banish anxiety


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Module 5: Stress RX - Unlocking Effective Self-Care Techniques to Manage Anxiety

You'll learn self-care techniques to effectively manage stress and promote your overall well-being. You'll learn practical strategies to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

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Unlimited email support

Got a question in between appointments? I'll be there to answer your emails Monday through Thursday. Within 1-business day, I'll respond to support you in whatever way I can. You'll never have to feel alone again.

Weekly text check-ins from me to help keep you on track!

Let's be honest, it's easy to fall off the wagon when you're the only one keeping yourself accountable. Every week, I'll check in with you to make sure that you're staying on track practicing your self-hypnosis, anxiety tools and self-care techniques.

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“Thanks to Susannah's insightful approach, the dread that used to color my mornings has vanished. I now greet each day with calm and enthusiasm, ready to tackle tasks one at a time. This shift has not just improved my mornings but has significantly enhanced my overall quality of life. I highly recommend Susannah to anyone seeking to transform their life. Her compassionate application of 5-PATH hypnosis makes a real difference, as it has profoundly done for me." - Sandy S.

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"Susannah is an incredible intuitive hypnotist. She assisted me in overcoming social anxiety during social settings and networking events. With her expertise and gentle guidance, I not only shed my anxieties but also discovered newfound confidence, leaving me feeling free and calm." - Rosa W.

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  • Women who experience debilitating chronic anxious thoughts

  • Women who have tried everything else and still feel anxious

  • Women who are tired of overthinking every word that people say to them or constantly imagine the worst-case scenario

  • Women who want to stop feeling paralyzed and start to be able to trust the decisions they make

  • Women who want relief from chronic anxious thoughts

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  • Women who are looking for drugs or prescriptions to fix their anxiety (I'm not a licensed MD so I can't prescribe drugs)

  • Women who have bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder or psychosis (I'm not trained or licensed to work with conditions such as these)

  • Women who have a diagnosed anxiety disorder who aren't willing to have me work with their therapist or psychiatrist. (I'm not licensed to "treat" a diagnosed disorder and want to be sure that your therapist or psychiatrist are aware and in agreement that this is a good path for you)

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If you want to experience freedom from chronic anxious thoughts and finally get to the source of your issues so you can feel calm, confident and in control then The Anxiety Relief Solution is a perfect place for
you to start!

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Let's break down what you get when you join
The Anxiety Relief Solution

  • 6 Personalized One-On-One Hypnosis Sessions

  • Self-Hypnosis Instruction

  • The 5-Step Anxiety Relief Solution Learning Modules Unlimited Email Support

  • Weekly Accountability Text Check-Ins

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Are you ready to leave the soul-crushing chronic
anxious thoughts behind and start experiencing calm, confidence and feeling in control with The Anxiety Relief Solution?

Let's ditch this feeling once and for all and do this together right now! I only have 5 spots available at the founding member pricing!

Book now before the 50% discount goes away!

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  • Is Hypnosis Safe?
    Yes! Hypnosis is completely safe and natural. It's a common mental state that we experience daily during activities like daydreaming or watching a movie. You remain fully aware and in control, just like when guided by a professional hypnotherapist.
  • Can I Be Hypnotized?
    Definitely! Hypnosis is a normal state of mind that we all encounter, often without realizing it. To experience hypnosis during our sessions, all you need is to be open and willing to follow simple instructions for focused awareness.
  • Are there any risks associated with hypnosis?
    Hypnosis is generally safe and effective for addressing various conditions like anxiety and phobias. It's like a mental workout, sometimes bringing temporary discomfort but ultimately promoting lasting strength. However, it's not suitable for severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder or psychosis.
  • Are the sessions confidential?
  • How does it work with paying for The Anxiety Relief Solution?
    Simply book a call and we can discuss the payment option that works best for your financial situation.
  • What is your refund policy?
    100% refund if you cancel before beginning The Anxiety Relief Solution or for any unused sessions canceled within 48 hours of a session.
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